CURIOSIFY (a verb)


curiosifized, curiosifizing, curiosification

  1. to explore without interference from judgment, bias or agenda
  2. to ponder without attachment to outcome
  3. to practice authentic inquisitiveness

Welcome to my blog, CURIOSIFY .  My intention is to use this platform to metabolize the inquisitiveness inside my guts.  This will be the catharsis for my busy mind.  Its a self-serving (self-caring) tool, really.  You and I are very much alike.  We are all cut from the same human cloth, born with a natural sense of inquiry.  Of course, the adornments that we wear and personal attributes that we display are as unique from each other as the emotional badges and scars that we carry, so in that way we do differ.  I love that.  Its what makes our stories brilliant.  Through the entries of this blog, I hope to offer (and find) connection with you through the threads that make us the same, using the stories that make us different.  I don’t know where this will lead.  I don’t know if anyone will read it or not, and that’s not the point anyway.  In the true spirit of curiosity, my intention is only to embrace the unknown and document some of my exploration.

Question everything.

Here we go!…

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By Sara Waters MA, LPC